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We are positioned such that we are not visible to all, but once a person sees our image with the right perspective, we are unforgettable..

We are an amalgamation, a composite rather than one image.
For our image, Time is the Canvas.

Unlike other ”Typical” advertising, or technology firms that specialise on one or the other, we are past masters at creating and handling brands, devising integrated campaign based outreach through digital and traditional channels, leveraging technology for organisational and marketing benefit and following the ONE Captain approach to deliver substantial marketing results.
This is the way of the Future. You either work like this or

Else you are living in the past.
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At 101 Connect, today we are more than just a technology business.

Having been in the technology space for more than 20 years, we understand that what matters most is to firstly understand you and your business. That is why our approach starts with people. Once we understand you and your people we can then start to align smart technology that will transform your business and help you stay ahead of the digital game..

Today, our journey is your journey, and our passion continues to be for technology and the positive impact it can have on people and organisations.

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