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The Banyan tree is the only one to expand laterally when it sinks new roots to form an extension of itself.

Solutions with One Captain

Marketing comprises of distribution, merchandising, advertising, technology platforms like CRM, etc. Each department needs to co – ordinate during a campaign with the other, ensuring minimal friction and maximum momentum. One Captain Solutions ensure this lock step synergy during the campaign.

Else you are running a three-legged race with a mismatched team.

At 101 Connect we work as an extension of the client team, bringing in specialised knowledge, and capabilities that will enhance your Advertising reach and results.

Delivering Business Intelligence with technology

In every high volume business, Data driven business intelligence is your first step to using whole of organisation approach to address market opportunity. Collating data, undertaking incisive analytics and actionable decision points is the way modern businesses work.

Else you are playing Blind man’s bluff.

We work with Data Scientists and analytics personnel to ensure that we understand what the numbers portent. By listening, understanding and working with BI we ensure that your creatives and spends are well timed to exploit peaking markets, rather than otherwise.

We do not spray and pray, but allocate spends where it will deliver returns.

Key Insight
Gone are the days when the BIG idea alone drove advertising results.
Today the BIG creative idea has to work with technology nerds with due consideration to data analytics, technology solutions, and customer experience.
Working together in synergy- this is a powerful force that delivers MORE BANG for your BUCK!

Our Capability basket includes:

UI & UX Design

  • Architecture design for scalability and marketing
  • Wireframing and prototyping for a seamless, relevant user experience
  • Visual design, including logo and branding
  • Mobile and web design

Application Development

  • Enterprise Automation Solutions
  • Custom-built software development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Content Management
  • Integration & APIs

Mobile app development

  • IOS development
  • Android development

Discovery & Marketing Strategy

  • Competitive analysis and product differentiation
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Digital strategy and ROI planning

Communication + Branding

  • Everything from top level Brand Strategy, planning, positioning studies ,and recommendations, right down to collaterals across media.

Helping Businesses

Power Efficiency, Drive Growth and Build Credibility

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